Water Blue Irregular Shaped Transparent Glass Vases

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Material: Glass

Sizes: Small 19x14.5cm/7.4x5.7 inch, Medium 33x16cm/12.9x6.2 inch, Large 50x22cm/19.6x8.6 inch

Colors: Water Blue


The first vase is a small masterpiece of irregular design. Crafted with delicate curves, it resembles a gracefully water bubble frozen in time. Its water-blue hue is reminiscent of a tranquil ocean, and the transparency allows the light to dance through it, creating mesmerizing patterns on nearby surfaces.

Moving up in size, the medium vase retains the same irregular charm but on a grander scale. Its asymmetrical form evokes the organic shapes found in nature, like a smoothly worn river stone. The rich, translucent blue color adds a sense of depth, and when the sun's rays filter through, it casts a serene aquatic ambiance.

The largest of the trio is a true statement piece. Its irregular shape is both bold and captivating, reminiscent of a grand glacier carving its way through the landscape. The water-blue transparency of this majestic vase is almost hypnotic, drawing you in and inviting you to explore its depths, which seem to stretch infinitely, like the vastness of the open sea.